Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gnomedex, Microsoft and RSS

I must admit to chuckling a little when I listened and read about MS's announcement at Gnomedex of RSS being built in to the upcoming IE7 (as part of MS's next OS). Why am I chuckling? Coz I have both Mac and Win machines. It's on the Mac already within Safari (the Mac browser) since OS X 10.4 but I've also had it in both IE6 and Firefox courtesy of YouSoftware - a great company with some great Mac and Win apps.

So if you have a Win XP box, go download and install the beta of YouSubscribe: RSS. I've had one-click subscription in Firefox and IE for a while (it integrates wth Outlook) and it deals with podcasts really neatly.

If you have a Mac, install their product You Control: Desktops. And no, I don't have any connection with the company except as a user of their software.


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